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Explore Skill Development for all players 

Program options for boys & girls grades 1st-12th 

FF Committed Player Program

Basketball Skill Enhancement Workouts

  • Train Up to 5 Days a Week at our facilites for only $200/Month

  • Create Your Own Training Schedule

  • Year-Round Skills & Game Training Program to Provide Every Player with Maximum Improvement

  • All basketball skill development covered in the program including shooting, ball handling, post moves, footwork, passing, etc.

  • Monthly billing. Long term committed player discounts.






FastFenom Basketball Academy provides skill instruction to those that are interested in improving their play. The academy is open to boys & girls of all skill levels from youth players thru high school players. 

Sessions are held every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

 6-7pm for grades 1st-6th, and 7:15-8:15pm for grades 7th-12th at our FastFenom facility.

The facility is conveniently located off of US1 and Viera Blvd.

The academy emphasizes skill work including footwork, shooting, ball handling, etc. We don't play games or have leagues. We just provide high quality skill instruction to put you in the best position to learn, have fun, and improve your game. Players can progress at their own pace, improving their own current skill level along with their peers. This environment is designed to help push kids & take their game to the next level!

The academy is an ongoing program that operates all year 'round.

You can join at anytime. Registration is online

We offer several a training membership that works like a gym membership.

It starts the day you sign up and renews every month.

If you need to cancel just shoot us an email at before your next billing date.

Monthly Unlimited

Skills Academy

  • $200/month

  • Train up to 5 DAYS/WEEK

  • Create your own schedule

  • Pay month-to-month for as long as you're satisfied

Single Session 
Skills Academy

  • $30/session

  • Train 1 Time in our Skills Academy


Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Grades 1st-6th:            6:00pm-7:00pm

Grades 7th-12th:          7:15pm-8:15pm

How Membership Works


Our monthly membership allows players to register and start attending anytime throughout the year. All monthly memberships are based on monthly cycles, so if you enroll on 22nd of the month, for instance, your next recurring payment will be the 22nd of the following month.


With our monthly membership you get a special flat monthly rate for your monthly membership commitment. Keep in mind that this special flat monthly rate does not correlate to any number of monthly workouts should you miss a workout, and also does not carry an expectation that players will make every workout.


We understand that sometimes schedule conflicts occur and players may end up missing a workout from time to time. That is why our prices reflect and assume that players will miss plenty of workouts. Just like a YMCA or gym membership, we do not pro-rate any months based on your ability to attend.


The monthly membership is a recurring subscription so please make note that if you don't cancel before your next recurring payment, your credit card will be charged - until you cancel.

Cancel Anytime

You can cancel anytime by sending an email to our team at

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